You are running an eCommerce site and you want to increase sales. You think 3D might be the option. Making the products interactive and animated and visualizing the 3D would make the website more engaging to the user but would it increase sales? The question that we often get asked is:

What’s the value of 3D in terms of revenue?

Here is how to calculate this for your store. We give you an example and a formula. Just use them. We call this the BVA (BuildIn3D Value Added) calculation.

How to calculate the added value?

  1. You are selling a product for $50 (Price) at a margin of 15% (Margin)
  2. You have a conversion rate of 2.0%. For every 1000 visits to a product page you get 20 sales.
  3. You integrate 3D and the conversion rate increases with 0.15%. Because of 3D users stay longer on the site, they play with the models, they find them funny, the return to them and the conversion increases with 0.15% from 2.0% to 2.15%. This means that for every 1000 visits 1-2 more people buy.

Given all of the above your BVA (BuildIn3D Value Added), which is how much more revenue you generate is equal to:

BVA = Price x Margin x Product Pages Visits x Conversion Rate Increase

For the values above the calculation is:

BVA = 50*0.15*1000*0.0015 = $11.25

This means that for every 1000 visit to your product pages you generate $11.25 when the conversion rate increases with 0.15% because of 3D.

More cases

Here are more use cases

Product PriceMarginVisitsConversion IncreaseBVA

This is how we, all of our partners and also any eCommerce store could calculate the value added by integrating 3D. Some products could benefit a lot from 3D, some not that much, but just imagine if a user comes to your site to buy a Harry Potter book and there is an animation of a small Harry Potter next to the book that does a small magic. Now this would generate a few more sales and would keep a few more clients returning back to the eCommerce store.

Stay well and dance like a ballerina:

Ballerina from Geomag Glitter Classic 68 pcs in 3D assembly instructions

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