Easy to follow

No more frustrated clients following paper instructions or workers trying to understand complicated engineering drawings not knowing where the next piece goes. Simply zoom&rotate. On every device. Visible on your site in seconds.

Easy to prepare

Creating the instructions is as easy as creating a folder in the SolidWorks Feature Manager. When you want to start a new step in the instruction create an empty folder called “IS-STEP”. Everything between this folder and the next “IS-STEP” folder is considered a single step of the instructions. Download this example file to try it.

Easy to increase sales

When is a product more appealing to clients – when it has a picture or when it does not have a picture? The same is true for products with and without 3D assembly instructions. Products with 3D assembly instructions are converted more. We had cases of increasing the sales with 2-3% to increasing the sales to ~100%. Find out how your clients would respond. It is basically free to try.  

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what’s your industry?

Different industries face different challenges that 3D assembly instructions could address.