This is a 3D model with AI-powered building instructions for a product.

Rotate with the mouse or fingers. Select “Instruction” to see the step-by-step instructions. After you construct it we will take this data and make the instruction better for the next user.

Why would you use it?

  1. Focus on your core competence – designing the product. Save engineering resource on the tedious job of creating, managing and improving instructions. 
  2. Wow the client with instruction they can finally follow.

How it works?

  1. You design the product, device, machine, toy, etc.
  2. BuildIn3D creates the instructions for you
  3. You can visualise them on your site, as 3D, animated videos, pictures, PDFs. 

What if adjustments are needed?

  1. BuildIn3D provides an online instructions editor to help you modify the instructions when you think it is necessary.
  2. Additional extensions could be developed to address you business case.


Extensions, Configurations, Custom development, Licensing options

Everything is configurable and BuildIn3D offers 70+ extensions, 200+ configurations to make instructions look and feel like your website/mobile app. All the colors, fonts, texts, the speed of the zoom, custom CSS, even the time to wait between steps when auto playing. Custom extensions could be developed for your brand and there are several licensing options providing all levels of control to make it possible to integrate with any business.

Technology we can trust

BabylonJS (Microsoft success story)

The web and mobile version of BuildIn3D is based on BabylonJS, which is an open source technology on which more and more of the 3D on the web is based on. The instructions are fast, secure, reliable and available on every mobile and web device.  

how you COULD benefit?

Different industries face different challenges that BuildIn3D addresses by visualizing assembly instructions. 

It’s easy to start with 3D

Create for your Brand


When your Brand and products are not among the available instructions we can prepare (or you can upload) new models, animations and instructions to be visualized on your website and the websites of all your E-commerce distributors.

More products & brands


An index of 3D visualizations for products & brands that you can also use.

News, Articles & Stories 


We share them on our blog

Customer stories

One technology, many applications. One instruction, visualized in many ways.

We digitize and optimize the internal assembly process for electrical cabinets at AQ. We make on-boarding new field workers easier and faster. We automate tracking, reporting, confirmations and quality assurance.

AQ Group / Manufacturing

We visualize animated and interactive 3D building instructions for 1000+ robots at FLLCasts. All the robots and branded. Preview is accessible to everyone, full instructions are available behind a paywall.

FLLCasts / Education

We increase customer satisfaction. Instructions are easy to follow, colorful and fun directly on the website of the brand where users could follow them. Instructions are also available to all E-commerce partners of the brand.

FabBrix / Consumer goods & Brands

Start now!

We can help with preparing the instructions, use the already existing once and integrated with most software and existing solutions. 

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