We develop the instructions for you!

We know how instructions should be done and we can develop them as text instructions, animated and interactive LIVE 3D and even VR/AR. When needed the instructions could be extended with rendered animations, rendered videos and pictures. Do you like what you see below? Get in touch with us and we can build it for your product!

From PDF to 3D and others

From black and white, paper based PDF instructions to engaging and animated 3D building instructions on your website. You send us the PDF, we prepare the instructions. If you have the geometry of the parts that would be great.

From Images to 3D and others

In many case you might have a series of images as an instruction. Given the geometry we can turn them into animated and interactive 3D building instructions.

From 3D model to 3D building instructions

NASA Mars Rover Perseverance is available on the NASA website as a 3D model. We prepared assembly instructions for the rover

NASA Pars Rover 2020 Perseverance

From PDF to animated and interactive 3D

Easy option 2 – prepare them yourself

Creating the instructions is as easy as creating a folder in the SolidWorks Feature Manager. When you want to start a new step in the instruction create an empty folder called “IS-STEP”. Everything between this folder and the next “IS-STEP” folder is considered a single step of the instructions. Download this example file to try it.

How to start?

Directly sign up and upload whatever you have as an instructions. STEP (.stp), LDraw .ldr and Stud.io (.io) files are built automatically. For the rest of the files get in touch with us.

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