It is all about increase in conversions and profit!

BuildIn3D increases conversions, reduces returns and increases profit by visualizing animated and interactive live 3D models and building instructions for the products sold.


major E-commerce business cases addressed


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increase in conversions and profit

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Business cases

E-commerce & marketplace platforms could address the following business cases with BuildIn3D.

Engage with users. Keep them longer on the website. Increase conversions.

The pain: High bounce rate is a problem. Users search on the internet, click on a link in an ad or in the search results, come to the site, see the product, the price and leave the website. There is little engagement and brand building in the process.

The solution: BuildIn3D visualizes animated and interactive 3D models and building instructions for the products sold on the E-commerce platform. Users stay about 20-30 seconds more on the product page, playing with the 3D and interacting with it, rotating the camera, zooming, seeing the animations. Even when not interested in buying users may visit related products to just to see what the 3D is and to interact with it. It’s an experience. This leaves a lasting memory from your website. At one point all the E-commerce stores will have 3D in the same way as all the stores have pictures of the products and not just a spreadsheet with prices.  

Reduce returns

The pain: Users purchase a product on the E-commerce store, but find it difficult to assemble it. They do not return the product to the brand. They return it to the E-Commerce store.  

The solution: This single return could cost more than the price of delivering 3D instructions on the E-commerce store for a month! BuildIn3D addresses this pain by making it easy for E-commerce stores to visualize clear and easy to follow animated and interactive 3D assembly instructions for the products. No app is downloaded. Everything is directly on the E-commerce store website. And while users are returning to the store they might spend some more time there, looking at other things they could purchase. 

Bring more visitors to the website

The pain: How to post creative and interesting content on social platforms and other websites that would bring more people to the E-commerce store.

The solution: 3D could be an important tool in your arsenal. It’s a differentiation. It’ interesting. It’s intriguing.  Most platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram don’t support 3D yet, so we have to share videos of how the 3D looks like with a link to the actual 3D. You can prepare these videos with BuildIn3D and once the platforms support 3D, the E-commerce platform you are working on will be ready for this change. These few posts talking and sharing about something novel on the website could be enough to bring a few more customers every day.

Recording a video for every product is expensive

The pain: Videos are useful in engaging users and increasing conversions, but videos are expensive, non-interactive and can not be edited easily and replicated.

The solution: BuildIn3D assembly instructions have all the benefits of a video, minus the drawback and are at a fraction of the cost. Some of the major advantages over videos is that 3D building instructions are interactive, while videos are a one way stream of information. Interaction means engagement. Engagement means more conversions. 3D building instructions for also be replicated for many different products that have small differences like color, additional parts. Think about bikes – it is quite expensive and tedious to record a new video of every different color and seat and tires of the bike. In 3D it takes seconds to change the color you have new 3D instructions. 

What is the added value?

If you are selling a product at $50 with a margin of 15% and the conversion is increased by 0.15% for 1000 visits you would be making $11.25  more with 3D compared to products without 3D.

Added Value = (Product Pages Visits) x (Conversion Rate Increase) x (Price) x (Margin)

$11.25 = (1000) x (0.0015) x (50) x (0.15)

We have a detailed article you can read here (link).


As an E-commerce you subscribe to BuildIn3D and visualize instructions on your website. Different subscription plans allow for different number of visualizations. If visualizations are more than whats included in the subscription additional visualizations will be charged at $9 per 5000

1000 visualizations per month
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What is a ‘visualization’?

A single visualization is when a user goes on a web page containing our BuildIn3D Model and Instruction.

For example if you have it on your product page.And you have 100 users daily visiting that product page. Your users will generate 31*100 = 3100 visualizations per month, which is covered by the ‘Hobby’ subscription.

It’s easy to start with 3D

Create for your Brand


When your Brand and products are not among the available instructions we can prepare (or you can upload) new models, animations and instructions to be visualized on your website and the websites of all your E-commerce distributors.

More products & brands


An index of 3D visualizations for products & brands that you can also use.

How much would your revenue increase with 3D?


You are a brand distributing on many eCommerce stores or a store owner selling many brands. The BuildIn3D Value Added can tell you exactly how much more revenue would 3D bring for you?


The 3D links works really well. It’s awesome !! 😊

Thank you ! You’ve done a really good job

Melodie / FabBrix

See how FabBrix is using the instructions on their website at or at the BuildIn3D site where you could see all the FabBrix instructions.

Easy to increase sales

When is a product more appealing to clients – when it has a picture or when it does not have a picture? The same is true for products with and without 3D assembly instructions. Products with 3D assembly instructions are converted more. We had cases of increasing the sales with 2-3% to increasing the sales with ~100%. Find out how your clients would respond. It is basically free to try.  

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Easy features for E-commerce

BuildIn3D provides a lot of different features to enhance user experience and increase conversions. You could find all of them on our Features page. Here are a few of the features we think are useful for E-commerce platforms.

Easy background

Easy audio

Easy visualize as VR/AR

Easy visualize as animated and interactive 3D

Easy collection of detailed statistics

Easy play animations

Easy embed

Easy faster visualization

Easy interactions

Easy Responsive

Easy Renders

Easy Woo-commerce integrations

Easy Shopify integrations

*Different features might be available only to specific subscription plans

How to start?

Embed an existing instruction for free on your E-commerce website to test things out or get in touch with us to create 3D models and building instructions for the products you are selling.

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