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Extract meaning from data in 3D building instructions – SUV Box Robot review

One of the most popular robots at FLLCasts is the SUV Box Robot. Looking at how one user has followed the instruction we can make certain conclusions. This article is about these conclusions and how they help the authors build better assembly instructions. The data It looks like this. The step number on the Y […]

The data behind building LEGO – Gyro-Like Mechanism Example

[3D assembly Instructions Statistics] One of the authors at fllcasts.com created this really nice Gyro-Like free moving mechanism. Let’s see what we could learn about LEGO builders from the statistics of this mechanism Gyro-like free moving mechanism with LEGO Spike parts What does the data show? Some people watch the animation for 8 minutes These […]

The data behind building LEGO – LEGO Baby Yoda Example 1

[3D assembly Instructions Statistics] Do you like DATA? Because this article is about how a 516 steps LEGO model Baby Yoda The Child 75318 is followed and built by users. In this series I would like to share how users are building the LEGO Baby Yoda that was released about a month ago. We have […]