[3D assembly Instructions Statistics]

One of the authors at fllcasts.com created this really nice Gyro-Like free moving mechanism. Let’s see what we could learn about LEGO builders from the statistics of this mechanism

Gyro-like free moving mechanism with LEGO Spike parts

What does the data show?

Some people watch the animation for 8 minutes

These are 8 minutes for which the user has stayed on the last step of the instruction looking at the animation, even playing with it.

Stay on the last step for 8 minuts

Some people directly open the last step and the animation

These are three seconds. They just go to the last step right the way

Right to the last step

Some people impatient – they start slow and then go the the last step Do you see the parent here?

Pattern 1
Pattern 2

Some people actually build the construction

It takes them about 32 minutes

Others could do it in 11 minutes

What good is this data?

Authors use it to prepare easier instructions. Brands use it to build better toys. To make a toy with which people could have more fun and play more. And it’s a lot of data.

It’s easy to create 3D building/assembly instructions for your brand and show them on any eCommerce platform.


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