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Changing the background and primary color of a BuildIn3D model and building instructions

This is a feature announcement. We’ve implemented a feature in our Instructions Steps editor to allow authors of 3D models and building instruction to change the background color and primary color of the viewer for the instructions they create. Here is how it works as a demo: Documentation is available at https://www.buildin3d.com/docs Why this feature? […]

76+ FabBrix toys available for E-Commerce partners

In January 2021, we, the BuildIn3D platform, formed a partnership with the owners of the FabBrix toys brand to visualize 3D models and building instructions for all the brand products. We’ve already built 76 models and building instructions. You can see them live at the fabbrixtoys.com site. https://www.fabbrixtoys.com/birds-3in shows three of them. Easy visualization of […]

Support for all FabBRIX products at BuildIn3D

Today we formed a partnership with the FabBRIX brand. It is a “New 100% biodegradable construction toy, FabBRIX adds to the pleasure of playing the satisfaction of an eco-responsible purchase.” A few weeks back we saw FabBRIX, thought it was one of the coolest brands we’ve seen lately and tried to build a couple of […]