This is a feature announcement. We’ve implemented a feature in our Instructions Steps editor to allow authors of 3D models and building instruction to change the background color and primary color of the viewer for the instructions they create.

Here is how it works as a demo:

Documentation is available at

Why this feature? Can’t it all be just white?

With BuildIn3D and the Instructions Steps (IS) editor we provide the tools for authors. We can recommend and we can guide and give advice on what the background should be, but we trust every author with the tools to modify the instruction.

Our recommendation is:

When unsure leave the default or if you have to go for white background color.

White seems to be the predominate color of website on the internet. White seems to be the color of most product pictures background. So when not sure as an artist, white will be a good choice for a background.

Example for snow white

We’ve decide to put this FabBrix Penguin in a snow white environment. It looks awesome

FabBRIX WWF, Penguin in 3D building instructions

What to create your models and instructions for your brand?

Check out the “How to create page”

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