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How BuildIn3d fixes the problem with “native speakers needed” in video tutorials?

Do you record video tutorials for you products? In how many languages do you make them available? BuildIn3D delivers all the robots at FLLCasts.com. FLLCasts is one of the largest platforms for STEM Education and robot instructions, delivering content to users in 80+ countries. The team at FLLCasts was recording videos for the robots and […]

How BuildIn3D can help your academy (Part 1) – Let’s get into the new decade

For most of our team everything started from an extracurricular academy teaching LEGO robotics. Back in those days there was this great website – http://www.nxtprograms.com/ (Actually it is still working until this day!) with tens of free building instructions for the LEGO Mindstorms NXT set. The instructions are simply photos of each step put on […]

Keep the users for 30 seconds longer on your E-commerce product page

Here is our offer – we are going to keep the users for 30 seconds more on your product page and they will find it fun and entertaining. Today we put the offer like this as we had to explain and answer the question “Why should we put 3D on our eCommerce store?”. The truth […]

Why you should display 3D models/assembly instructions on your ecommerce site?

One area where 3D could really flourish is ecommerce. Ecommerce is about one thing – converting more of your site visitor to raving fans that constantly return to your site for their next purchase. It takes a lot. We’ve been personally running 2 ecommerce sites and it takes a lot. Let’s see how 3D models/assembly instructions could help on this path.