One area where 3D could really flourish is ecommerce. Ecommerce is about one thing – converting more of your site visitors to raving fans that constantly return to your site for their next purchase. It takes a lot. We’ve been personally running 2 ecommerce sites and it takes a lot. Let’s see how 3D models/assembly instructions could help on this path.


Let’s start with an example. Which site would you buy from?

Site 1

Product name: Nice little LEGO toy
Description: Play with your children. Have fun
Price: $30

Site 2

Product name: Nice little LEGO toy
Description: Play with your children. Have fun
Price: $30

Space station module with a LEGO mini-figure with animations at the end.

Our data and experience show that more people will buy from the second site.

“I watched this animations 10 times and it is still cool” – engage users on your ecommerce platform.

3D assembly instructions engage the users on your site. They are fun. With the proper animation and interaction the product is shown from different angles, in 3D, step-by-step. Often users share that they’ve seen the animation again and again and again.

This means they stay longer on your site. They engage with the content. They browse to see what other assembly instructions are there for the other products. Naturally they are converted more.

The best part of 3D Assembly instructions is that it provides all the benefits of a video, minus the drawbacks, and really, at a fraction of the cost.

Differentiate to competitor ecommerce sites. Present the product better.

All the other sites have pictures. Some have picture and videos. 3D Assembly Instructions can visualize the pictures, videos and the 3D of the product.

What should you do?

Look at the products you would like to start with. If you have 3D Models of them, get in touch with us and send them to us. If you don’t get in touch with us, and probably we could help find or build them.

Then just subscribe and start delivering instructions and 3D models your site.

Pay as you go only when people visualize the instruction on your site.

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