Today we announce support for a new form of embed by BuildIn3D. It is called “IFrame Embed”.

Up until now we supported JS Embed Code and integration with WooCommerce and Shopify. We hope that users will find the support for IFrame embed useful with systems and e-commerce sites where it is not possible to use the other forms of embed and integration.

BuildIn3D IFrame Embed

There are a number of ways to embed media and content on the internet from one site into another. YouTube is a good example of embedding videos. BuildIn3D allows you to embed 3D models & building instructions.

As everything we do at BuildIn3D we try to make it easy. You can embed from the instructions page. Complete up to date documentation is available at, but as of 01 May 2021 this is how the user interface looks like.

Learn more

To learn more about

  • What is embedding?
  • Is “embedding” secure?
  • What are the benefits of embedding?
  • Different ways of embedding. IFrame, JS Embed code, API calls.

please visit the documentation


The code is:

<iframe src=""
style="border: 0px;" 
title="FabBRIX Birds, Parrot in 3D building instructions"></iframe>

This here is the FabBrix, Parrot working with IFrame embed.

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