Here is our offer – we are going to keep the users for 30 seconds more on your product page and they will find it fun and entertaining.

Today we put the offer like this as we had to explain and answer the question “Why should we put 3D on our eCommerce store?”. The truth is that users just find it fun and entertaining to play with 3D models and building instructions.

How much would 30 seconds engage the users with the brand, the product and the E-commerce store?

3D brings in emotions. The leading emotion is FUN. It is just fun to move, zoom in, zoom out, rotate and interact with the 3D. You get to do something. Not just see a picture or a video.

It is easy to remember an experience connected with an emotion

We know this basically from any psychology book, but also from our daily lives. If the experience is connected with an emotion we would remember it longer.

Most of our early memories as a child are connected with emotion – the emotion of happiness when you were at a park playing with other children, or fear when you got lost for a moment from your parents.

3D can’t make you cry, but it could definitely make you smile. Especially when you get to interact with it.

I just played with this castle for ~30 seconds.

Now, try it. Just move inside this castle. You become small, and you look at it from inside.

Earthtiles, Palace in 3d building instructions

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