Today we formed a partnership with the FabBRIX brand. It is a

“New 100% biodegradable construction toy, FabBRIX adds to the pleasure of playing the satisfaction of an eco-responsible purchase.”

A few weeks back we saw FabBRIX, thought it was one of the coolest brands we’ve seen lately and tried to build a couple of 3D building instructions. We even animated the Gorilla. With a little help from the FabBRIX brand owners, the authors at could now build 3D building instructions for the whole set of products that FabBRIX is selling.

I am pretty excited about. There is still work to be done, but this means that from now on users could engage with the models and the instructions on the FabBRIX website, on the e-commerce store. I know what I will be doing- zooming it to the max to see what’s inside the parts.

FabBRIX JUNGLE LIFE – Gorilla in 3D building instructions

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