Today we broke the internet.. we generated a 3D assembly instruction for the FabBRIX brand. These are wooden toys that are “LEGO Compatible”. They have common parts although some parts are different. The instruction is:


We created a full fledged 3D assembly instruction that requires only 7.76KB in traffic compare to ~750KB (png) for an Full HD Picture. Yes, there are some 20 million lines of code responsible for this, but hey, it works. It is 100 times smaller in size and 10 times more powerful as it is 3D. As a result the 3D assembly instructions have smaller size than the pictures of the models used on different eCommerce sites.

Here is a small comparison:

FabBRIX Gorilla~747.8 KB (png)7.76KB

Yes, not all the details are there yet and we would add a few stickers that would make it 15-20KB. But then it will be 60 times smaller which again is a lot.

Why does this matter

Because on the internet the smaller the size of the files the better the experience of the user. 3D could offer much better experience than static pictures and today we handled even the size of the models. We know how to make them really small. Less traffic, faster loading times, better experience.

I have to go see how it is for the LEGO BABY Yoda.

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