FabBrix – New 100% biodegradable construction toy

We have a lot of fun creating FabBRIX 3D building instructions and models. Especially with the stickers, they look very interesting to build and play with. More information about the toys is available at https://www.fabbrixtoys.com/.

Quick Stats as the beginning of 2021:

We really love the stickers

We think it makes the toy much more interesting. A simple sticker, but it gives life to the instruction. Check out the one below. Yes, these stickers are hard to make  and to upload them as 3D. Sometimes it might take an hour or two to properly convert a sticker, but it is worth every minute. 

Example from the fabbrix site

Here are two examples of how the instructions are used on the FabBrix website as of 2021.

an instruction From FaBBRIX

This instruction is shown here to give you an example of a FabBRIX instruction.  

FabBRIX Birds, Bird 2 in 3D building instructions