ESNAF –  handmade wooden magnetic toys for kids and adults started in 2013

The Nordic Fox was the first model that we worked on with ENSAN and the amount of textures and materials was not the most important thing. The most important things was that we had to open our BuildIn3D viewer to tens of configuration and to allow for custom look and feel and make the whole viewer much different to align with ESNAF website. We are talking colors, fonts, background, text on buttons and many other things. Check the website at

Introducing the configurations

Over 70 extension and their configurations are now open for platforms to use. There are over 150 configuration options that could change our BuildIn3D viewer to fit perfectly with any brand website. And because we have the ability to provide custom CSS for the specific brand the possibilities and endless. 


Example from the ESNAF site

Here is examples of a product on the ESNAF website

an instruction From ESNAF

This instruction is shown here to give you an example of an ESNAF instruction.  

Nordic Fox in 3D building instructions