1000 visualisations per month
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What is the added value?

Added Value = (Product Pages Visits) x (Conversion Rate Increase) x (Price) x (Margin)

$11.25 = (1000) x (0.0015) x (50) x (0.15)

We have a detailed article you can read here (link).

What is a ‘visualisation’?

A single visualisation is when a user goes on a webpage containing our BuildIn3D Model and Instruction.

For example if you have it on your product page.And you have 100 users daily visiting that product page. Your users will generate 31*100 = 3100 visualisations per month, which is covered by the ‘Hobby’ subscription.

Axlessoft Cooler

You have just generated a single visualisation of this model.

What are the statistics?

We have detailed statistics on how your users react and interact with the BuildIn3D Model and Instruction. We can tell you if they are engadget with the product, how much time they spend looking at it, and how they interact with it – turning, zooming, paning, etc..

What is branding?

We can add a custom branding to parts to make it look more personal. If a person sees your logo on the product they are viewing in 3D it is more likely that they create a bond with your website and thus increase the change of buying.


A few of the other features included in the pricing.