Easy on-boarding of new employees. Reduced communication overhead in the whole organization. Keep the know-how.

BuildIn3D assembly instructions make the process of on-boarding new workers a lot easier. Following and learning from the instructions is so easy that an 8 year old could do it (see FLLCasts showcase).

This could significantly reduce the communication overhead inside the whole organization and outside with partners. No more “what is this part?”, “where does this part go?”. No more miscommunication between engineers and field workers.

And when people leave your organization they do not leave with the know-how of how things are assembled. You have LIVE 3D step-by-step instructions for this.

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What kind of machines could be visualized?

All kinds. We’ve handled machines with 2-3 simple steps and machines with 11,484 steps (although we do not recommend to have an instruction with 11K steps). Here are a few examples.


What the industry needs?

SolidWorks support

You have 16, 000 SolidWorks files? Not a problem. It would take some time and we can handle them all.

You can use configurations & patterns and all you have to do is add “IS-STEP XXX” folders in the Feature Manager to mark the start of each step.  


Easy protect critical know-how and Intellectual Property 

With time an internal knowledge builds up in each organization of how things are done. There is often a gap between the engineering scheme and the actual process of assembling a machine. With BuilldIn3D it takes minutes to record and preserve this knowledge, but if it is lost due to people leaving the company, it might be lost for ever and this could cost a lot. 

Easy on-boarding of new workers

One thing less to think about. With new workers it might take days or weeks for them to learn all the steps for all the assemblies in the correct order and to learn how to read the engineering drawings. With BuildIn3D they have an easy way to return to the instructions whenever they forget something.

Easy access to the instructionsfrom everybody

BuildIn3D is a single central repository for all of your instructions. Once an engineer uploads a new instructions it is instantly available to anyone. All they need is a browser to access them.

Easy feedback from field workers

Designing is different from actual assembly. Often there is miscommunication between the engineers and the field workers that are assembling the designed models. BuildIn3D provides the easiest way for a Field Worker to report when something is not write with an instructions. A simple “This is not clear button” that brings the feedback to the engineer practically at the same moment.

Part lists & Bill of Materials pictures for every instruction 

An instruction could have hundreds of parts. Catalog numbers and names, although very specific are often not human readable. A picture on the other hand is exactly what a worker needs. BuildIn3D will automatically render a picture of each part to make it crystal clear which is the specific part and will shown the number of parts that are required on each step.

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Easy collection of detailed statistics

How fast is a machine & devise assembled? What are the most difficult steps in the process? Which steps take longer. How could they be identified and fixed? Asking, and answering, these questions are the last 5% that bring the competitive advantage in the process. 

BuildIn3D recorders how each assembly instruction is followed and reports this to manager responsible for the process and engineers responsible for designing the models. 

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How do you sell the products you are manufacturing and assembling. Presenting them well on your site or the sites of your partners could significantly improve the revenue generated from online sales. BuildIn3D handles the instructions, pictures, video renders of your products


Assembly instructions done right. Finally!

You just need to order the steps and rotate the camera to see each step from the correct angle. Configuring the camera rotation for 50 steps could be done in 3 minutes thanks to the Instructions Steps (IS) Editor. You can also update a the order of the steps or angle from which it is shown and all users will instantly see the new version.