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It is fun to have the model in pieces and to assembled them one by one. It is also fun to see how they are assembled on your ecommerce site where users purchase them. It is business wise to keep the user engaged on the website and add more value to their experience. In this way you would see more conversions.

Show users how to use the laser cuts. Demonstrate them with easy to follow 3D assembly instructions how they could build different models. Show them how to combine elements from different sets they have.

Animate and inspire the imagination.

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What the industry needs?

3D Models from DXF files

Laser cuts are mostly distributed as DXF files. We can manually build the 3D models from the DXF files in you don’t already have 3D models. From there it is easy. With 3D models we can deliver animations, renders, and of course 3D assembly instructions.



As your designs are available in 3D it becomes easier and easier to integrate them with your ecommerce site, present them to the customers and engage them further. We can even customize them with specific logic for configurations like changing the color for people to see how it would look like. BuildIn3D handles the instructions, pictures, video renders of your products