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The first largest frustration customers could experience is to follow an assembly instructions for a furniture they’ve just purchased and to be unable to assemble it. The second largest frustration is to disassemble a furniture – probably something got stuck behind the locker and they have to get it out. The third largest frustration is… and the list goes on and on, especially for furniture. Customer check the site, and Youtube videos, but there is simply no solution and at the end they break it. 

BuildIn3D helps manufacturers resolve all these issues. Users will more often chose your furniture as they have clear instructions in 3D available on your site (along with the nice pictures, photos and price that you already have). After they purchase it they can follow the paper instructions or they could scan a QR code and arrive at the online LIVE 3D assembly instructions. Months and years later when they need to disassemble something they will again visit your site for the instructions and probably you have a new offer for them. 

The best part – it is free to start and you can pay as you go only when customers are using the assembly instructions. 

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What kind of FURNITURE could be visualized?

From very basic to very realistic. Step-by-step, on every browser, animated and making the customers life easier.


What the industry needs?

3D Models from 2D drawings

You probably have a lot of Autocad files and PDFs for all the furniture. In many countries in the world it is mandatory to provide a manual with the furniture. But you have little to no 3D models. We can build them for you. A team of engineers in our organization will build and upload the 3D models for your furniture. There is no need to build 3D models for all your products at once. You can start one by one.  


Consistent look and feel on your site and the sites of all of you partners and resellers. 

New products are released often. How are these new products visualized on the site of all the resellers? Why can’t you just release a new picture or video or assembly instruction and for it to appear on the site of all the resellers. They would just have to add their price. 

This could be achieved with BuildIn3D. All the pictures, videos and of course, assembly instructions at one place with consistent look and feel for the whole brand. 

Easy collection of detailed statistics

Have you even wonder how your customers are following the assembly instructions? What are the most difficult steps in the process? Is there anything you can improve even years after they’ve purchase the furniture. In a world of data and AI this could be used to build much better products.

BuildIn3D recorders how each assembly instruction is followed and reports this to manager responsible for the process and engineers responsible for designing the models. 

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As your designs are available in 3D it becomes easier and easier to integrate them with your ecommerce site, present them to the customers and engage them further. We can even customize them with specific logic for configurations like changing the color for people to see how it would look like. BuildIn3D handles the instructions, pictures, video renders of your products